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filocriatividade | filosofia e criatividade

oficinas de filosofia e de criatividade, para crianças, jovens e adultos / formação para professores e educadores (CCPFC) / mediação da leitura e do diálogo / cafés filosóficos / #filocri

oficinas de filosofia e de criatividade, para crianças, jovens e adultos / formação para professores e educadores (CCPFC) / mediação da leitura e do diálogo / cafés filosóficos / #filocri

06 de Outubro, 2009

"Creativity - Thinking - Philosophy" - October 15 - 18, 2009 in Graz/Austria

joana rita sousa
Creativity and thinking are the two main foci of this international conference of Philosophy with Children. Creative, critical, social and caring thinking are fundamental skills which are critical both for our cognitive and personal development, and for the well-being of every human being.
It is important to get involved in philosophical inquiry in every aspect of life; to think in a reflective way and to practise creative problem-solving. Philosophical inquiry enriches our speaking and acting, the implementation of knowledge in our everyday life, our art, science, technical science and society. Because it is so basic to our development, it is necessary to foster these skills early on with small children and to then deepen them through lifelong learning.
Creativity is an anthropologically basic character trait of human beings and essential for the self-reformation of society, including the reformation of science and culture. The relation of creativity and thinking means openness as well as critical reflection.

How can we foster creativity and self-reflective thinking in schools? Which approaches, methodologies, strategies, and possibilities do we see offered through our educational system? How do we understand the relation between individual and collective creativity? What contribution can philosophy make for the future of a knowledge-based society?

The Austrian Centre of Philosophy with Children organised a yearly conference - a conference that has already become a tradition - with the aim of exchanging philosophical ideas and theories grounded in interdisciplinary and intercultural perspectives with reference to new research projects and practical approaches. This year's conference will examine the role of creativity and thinking in children's development of life skills.

The congress offers papers and reports from international experts, an overview about the current state in research, exciting debates and a wide range of project presentations. It provides an important intercultural and interdisciplinary forum were academic discussions and exchanges of personal experiences can take place. The program offers the approximately 200 participants from 18 countries, among them 24 speakers, an eventful conference.

The themes of the conference cover the following fields:

* Creativity and thinking
* Virtual worlds- creativity and imagination
* Lifelong learning
* Citizenship and democracy
* Transculturality and transdisciplinarity
* Philosophy and ethics in school
* Culture, integration and education
* Pluralistic dimensions of philosophy with children

Place: Karl-Franzens-University Graz, Meerscheinschlößl,
Mozartgasse 3, A-8010 Graz

Organisation:ACPC Austrian Centre of Philosophy for Children

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